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Glen School, College Preparatory

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4th, 5th, 6th Grade Homework, Algebra, English, Geometry, Science, Calculus


Contact Dr Kang: 818-551-1000 California. If you are in Korea, please webmail Dr Kang, then he will contact you right away,

AP Exam Prep

Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English, US & European History,

Dr. Paul Kang obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Southern California, a prestigious private university in the United States.   USC is a leader in educational research, including college  preparatory programs and  statistical data analysis. 


Glen School, College Preparatory was founded in 1991 for the purpose of tutoring students to reach their higher education goals.  Since 1993, Glen School served as a satellite campus of Montclair College Preparatory School in Glendale, California.  His duties included designing curriculums and teaching students.

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Glen School Students

Many of Glen School students have been admitted to top universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Caltech, UC Berkley, USC, and UCLA.

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Tel: 818-551-1000, USA

    Dr Kang’s Academic Background, University of Southern California, Doctoral, Master & Bachelor degrees

    Dr Kang’s Teaching Experience, Montclair College Preparatory School, California, 15 years

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    Don’t just study hard, Study smart.

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    SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, AP, etc

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    Math, Science, English, AP exam

    Why Choose Glen School

    Glen School creates personalized online tutoring programs based on the individual differences in learning.

    Excellence in Education

    Many of Glen School students have been admitted to top universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Caltech, UC Berkley, USC, and UCLA.

    Flexible Schedule

    It enables students to adapt their schedule to accommodate their actives before and after school.

    Quality Curriculum

    The student's academic performance is checked by Dr Paul Kang with each student to ensure a full understanding of subject material.

    Globally Focused

    'Education for Globalization' is a slogan of Glen School.

    School Credits

    If a student needs to fill in deficit credits or improve his or her GPA, please contact Dr Kang.

    Academic Consulting

    Dr Paul Kang for nearly 10 years helped hundreds of students get accepted to top universities using his exclusive approach.

    Glen students' stories

    Messages from students and their parents

    For his achievement Dr Kang was spotlighted as an American success story on pp. 30-31 of the University of Southern California year book.   

    Dr Paul Kang-USC is a member of California Volunteers, Office of the Governor *Message Dr Kang 4 Help*

    Glen Team

    Glen School has a kindhearted community of tutors who are well qualified as well as have the concept of subject matter knowledge in teaching the K-12 levels.

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